«Consider the hour at which the supreme Manifestation of God revealeth Himself unto men. Ere that hour cometh, the Ancient Being, Who is still unknown of men and hath not as yet given utterance to the Word of God, is Himself the All-Knower in a world devoid of any man that hath known Him. He is indeed the Creator without a creation».

At the first day of Ridvan, Baha’is of Brest, Gomel, Minsk and Vitebsk communities gathered to elect their administrative bodies – Local Spiritual...

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The training institute campaign took place near Brest from the 25th to the 29th of December. Out of habit we called it a winter school. The campain...

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The long-awaited time has come! Ukraine is blessed by holding one of the 114 wolrdwide international youth conferences. The conference was held at a...

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Our address is:

SA Bahá’í Belarus
Minsk 220050, P.O.Box 262
Nezalezhnastsi avenue, 12-30
Tel.: +375 (44) 776-56-50
Email:: info@bahai.by

Our address in Minsk:

LSA Bahá’í Minsk
Minsk 220050, P.O.Box 262
Nezalezhnastsi avenue, 12-30
Tel.: +375 (44) 776-56-50
Email: minsk@bahai.by 

Our address in Vitebsk:

Bahá’í religious community of Vitebsk
street. Dimitrova, 30a, komn.1
210001, Vitebsk
Tel.: +375 (29) 512 64 01
E-mail: vitebsk@bahai.by

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