Obtained registration of religious associations of the Bah?’? Faith in Belarus

Bah?’?  religious community was registered in the Belarus State Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Certificate number 131 of August 28, 2000.

Humanity's age-old dream of all countries and nations coming together into one family is finally being fulfilled. The Bah?’? Faith is a shining example of the viability of a just global society based on high spiritual and moral standards.

It presents a model, revealed by God, of how mankind should fashion its life in this day. It leaves no room for lies, hypocrisy, fanaticism, corruption and oppression. It has no clergy, and no one person can usurp the role of its leader.

The Bah?’?  teachings are preserved in their purest form, precisely as they were sent down by God. They are thoroughly protected against falsification and misinterpretation. The Bah?’?  Faith has known no real schism in its more than 150 year long history.

Bah?’?  communities exist in all corners of the world, including Belarus. In our country, Bah?’? s reside in some 45 towns and villages. Officially registered Bah?’?  communities can be found in every regional (oblast') centre. The Bah?’?  community of Belarus brings together people of very diverse backgrounds, nationalities, age groups and professions. Here you can meet doctors and milkmaids, students and pensioners, college professors and businessmen.

Unity is the focal point of the Bah?’?  teachings. That is why we extend our hand to Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, inviting them to work together towards our common goal of securing the prosperity of human society and the spiritual development of every individual.

We acknowledge the right of all God-given religions to exist and develop, for all of them lead man to God, thereby bringing him true happiness.

We ardently support the peaceful coexistence in Belarus of all confessions and religious groups that abide by the laws of the country.

The Religious Union of the Bah?’? s in the Republic of Belarus is registered by the State Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Registration certificate No. 131, dated 28 August 2000.

The Belarusian government authorities consider the Baha'i Faith as 'non-traditional religion'. It could not have been otherwise because in Soviet times this faith was banned. Fast growing Baha'i communities in Transcaucasus and Central Asia as well as communities in Moscow, Kazan and Petersbourg suffered persecution and by 1938 they were eliminated.

However, when Belarus became independent, young Baha'i movement started expanding, and in 1992 the Baha'i community in Minsk became the first one that obtained its official registration (Registration Certificate No. 26, dated 12 October 1992, issued by the Minsk City Executive Committee).