Bah?’?s in Minsk

Minsk 220050, P.O.Box 262
Nezalezhnastsi avenue, 12-30
Tel.: +375 (17) 328-52-72
+375 (33) 302-94-96 (Vassily)
Email: minsk(at)

Bah?’?s in Gomel

Ilona Anzel

Tel.: (029) 339 52 63

Email: gomel(at)

Bah?’?s in Vitebsk

street. Dimitrova, 30a, komn.1
210001, Vitebsk
+375 (33) 648-27-39 (Svetlana)
E-mail: vitebsk(at)

Bah?’?s in Brest

Тel.: +375 (029) 726 61 68 - Sukhadolskaya Inga

Email: brest(at) 

Bah?’?s in Grodno

Tel.: +375 (29) 512 64 01, Vitaly
Emai: grodno(at)

Bah?’?s in Mogilev

Tel.: +375 (029) 642 93 27 - Valentina
Email: mogilev(at)

Бахаи г. Жодино

Дарья Мищенко
Тел.: (029) 304 05 72 (Velcom)
Эл. почта: zhodzina(at)

Bah?’? Faith in Belarus dates back to December 1978. It was at this time that a specialist in electronics, a Bah?’? pioneer from Germany, Mr. Helmut Winkelbach  came to work in one of the Belarusian factories.

The arrival of Mr. Winkelbach was a response to the call of the Guardian of the Faith, Shoghi Effendi, to the international community to rise and go to those countries and regions that have not yet been opened to the Bah?’? Faith (in 1953, the Faith was spread in around 130 countries).

The emergence of the Bah?’? community in Belarus was gradual, in the beginning this process has captured the capital Minsk and regional centers, then raised the smaller cities, such as Bobruisk, Borisov, Zhodino, Navapolack, Baranovichi. At the same time the first Bah?’?s began to appear in small towns, such as Beshenkovichi, Malorita, Hoiniki.

The establishing of the first Bah?’? community was by the help of friends from foreign countries: Australia, the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Iran, Cameroon etc. They came here spending their own money, in their spare time, people with a single purpose: to convey to Belarus the news of the arrival of the new Manifestation of God, Bah?’u’ll?h, who gave mankind a new religion. These foreign Bah?’?s suffered many sacrifices for the sake of the first sprouts of the new Faith in Minsk and Grodno, Brest and Vitebsk. Now the process is going on its own, without outside help. In recent years the Belarusian Bah?’?s became mature and prepared enough to spread the teachings of Baha'u'llah by their own strength and means.

We bring you the web pages of the communities Minsk and Vitebsk. To learn how to meet the Bah?’?s of other towns and villages ask the Secretariat of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bah?’?s of Belarus (tel. +375 (029) 200 47 55 or by email).

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Today the followers of the Baha’i Faith live in more than 40 localities in Belarus. The largest communities are in the area centres.