37 youth from Belarus participated in the International Youth Conference in Dnepropetrovsk

The long-awaited time has come! Ukraine is blessed by holding one of the 114 wolrdwide international youth conferences. The conference was held at a beautiful place in Dnepropetrovsk on the bank of the river Dnepr: the V. Tereshkova's health camp, from 23rd to 25th of August. 37 youth from Belarus, 13 from Latvia, 13 from Lithuania, 6 from Estonia and 53 from Ukraine took part in conference.

International Youth Conference in Dnepropetrovsk

The conference in Dnepropetrovsk demonstrated active participation of youth in the constructive processes of society. All plenary meetings began with prayers and holy writings that were set to music and wonderfully performed. They helped the participants to open their souls for the comprehension of the excellent materials that were kindly prepared by the Universal House of Justice. The materials covered the following topics: “The period of youth”, “Early adolescence”, “Fostering mutual support and assistance”, “Youth and community building”, “Contributing to the advancement of civilization”.

“In brief, let each one of you be as a lamp shining forth with the light of the virtues of the world of humanity. Be trustworthy, sincere, affectionate and replete with chastity. Be illumined, be spiritual, be divine, be glorious, be quickened of God, be a Baha'i”.