Elections of Local Spiritual Assemblies (LSA) at Ridv?n 172BE (2015)

At the first day of Ridv?n, Bah?’?s of Brest, Gomel, Minsk and Vitebsk communities gathered to elect their administrative bodies – Local Spiritual Assemblies.

Gomel, election of Local Spiritual Assemblie

In Gomel, one of those present at the meeting declared himself a Bah?’?.

In Minsk during the Ridv?n celebration the friends watched slides of historical declaration Bah?’u’ll?h in Baghdad and well-trained creative performances of children of the community.

In Vitebsk, elections were held in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. After the election, our friendly host for that evening regaled the audience sweets. By a cup of tea the friends continued the conversation about the development of children and youth in the spirit of the Faith, how important it is for our time.