The National Convention is the main event of the year in the Bah?'? community of a country.

Delegates from different electoral units come to the National Convention. They represent the interests of the Baha'is of their localities. Also present at the Convention are the members of the previous Spiritual Assembly, they present the achievements of last year of the Baha'i community to the participants of the convention.

During the meeting sessions of the Convention consultations are held on various aspects of development of the national community. Delegates elect the new members of the National Spiritual Assembly, and share with them their ideas and recommendations. This reflects the democratic administrative model of the Baha'i Faith.

The principal purpose of a National Convention is to give an opportunity to the delegates to consult on the affairs of the Faith and to elect the members of the National Spiritual Assembly. Obviously the National Assembly is primarily interested in the general views and reactions of the delegates, and particularly in knowing what are the recommendations adopted by those present at the Convention, but this does not prohibit the National Assembly, if it so wishes, from having a record for its consideration of recommendations which were turned down, or individual suggestions from the delegates, which because of the shortness of time, or otherwise, could not or did not reach the stage which would lead to consideration by the Convention in session.